Are you ready for a full immersion among laces, laces, precious clasps and style details that know how to excite?

Style spose 2019: discover the latest news, trends and inspirations for the trendiest bridal in 2019 and choose the hairstyle that will accompany you in the most beautiful day of your life!

The secret to being really satisfied and feeling comfortable and beautiful is to choose a bridal hairdo that reflects your personality and your particular signs but at the same time meet the latest trends and proposals of the moment, but without losing sight of the “fil rouge” with the dress, accessories and setting in which your wedding will be celebrated!

Hairstyle, dress and details must be coordinated with each other to really reflect the best theme and style of your choice.

From Amber Heard’s harvest to Rachel Weisz’s smooth leaf headband to Michelle Williams’ soft pixie cut. Not only from the salons come the chic ideas for bridal hairstyles. In the gallery a selection of bridal hair looks stolen from the stars and not only

That it would be a princess like Meghan Markle to revolutionize the style of bridal hairstyles was to be expected. But that her hair bridal effect would last so long a little less.



If you’re looking for something princely, and you have long hair, the look of Rachel Weisz at the 2019 Oscars is all to copy. This look is fabulous, simple and classy, the hair looks loose, but actually in the frontal area are tied with a small tail, under the nape of the neck, so you have control and keep your face free, embellished with a beautiful leaf headband.

Also in fashion are the loose looks in soft and natural waves, left free or combined with tiaras and tiaras. A winning choice if you have long or very long hair and you like a style that is regal and timeless overall.


Another trend remains the hair collected only in part, to leave the hair free but at the same time create something more special, perhaps highlighting an angle of the face, neck or forehead.

Another idea to copy for brides 2019 is the lob! It can be styled in many ways, for example with glam undulations, and allows us to make the hair look much longer, picking it up with a French roll or in a soft way. The hairstyles of Lucy Boynton, the girlfriend of Oscar-winning Rami Malek, who often dares to wave 50’s waves seen in many fashion shows and red carpets, may inspire us.


If you dare to show off a pixie cut on the day of the yes, there are three possibilities: to keep their rebellious essence, or to make them softer with a nice clean and smooth drying like that of the actress Michelle Williams, or even, for the more daring, with a stripe of the side and shiny hair but without exaggerating because it risks becoming a too androgynous look.


The soft waves don’t go out of fashion even in 2019 brides hairstyles! An example to get inspired is certainly the star hairstyle shown off at the latest edition of the Golden Globes by Amber Heard! Often you choose the buds just to have enough volume and movement to be able to make a nice soft crop just like his. On harvested seeds and loose hair, however, more or less natural waves yes, but not recommended buds!


In addition to Meghan Markle’s low-chignon messy: the salons, the catwalks, Instagram and the red carpets offer endless ideas for wedding collections.

From horse tails, more or less high and more or less equipped, to croissant chignons and beehive harvests in the 60’s style.

The braids never go away: they are worn maxi, but also soft, messy or bandeau to stop the harvest in the upper part of the nape of the neck. Romantic harvests with braids that decorate and sometimes embrace the head, wavy harvests perfect for those who are a natural curl and want to see movement in the crop!


Veil yes or no, it depends a lot on the hairstyle and the dress you choose. Even if you see less of it lately, the veil remains a magical and very emotional accessory.


In terms of bridal colours, this year the trend is towards all-natural shades. We have very delicate copper reds or neutral blondes, much more natural than in previous years. Another trend this season is balayage amber. That is, to create even more delicate balayage effects and with warmer colour combinations such as chocolate & copper.

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