Thick hair is envied by those who have thin, brittle hair, subject to breakage, fat and unsightly dandruff. At first glance, they appear vital and strong, yet, as you know, even a thick hair reveals its daily tragedies. Often, despite their extraordinary volume, they tend to be frizzy and ungovernable. You will then have to dose your choices from the daily care to the haircut to get a satisfactory result and enhance the best of your hair, without the unsightly effect of the bush. Always remember that having healthy and well cared for hair is your business card, the perfect frame to enhance your natural beauty.

The thick hair is wonderfully thick, does not become “electric” and hardly stick to the scalp losing volume. However, they are not very elastic and absorb a lot of moisture, so that’s why the annoying frizzy effect. They have more close fibres than fine hair and are much rougher than high types of hair. They are typical of teenagers and thirty-year-olds: with age, in fact, even the thickest hair gets thinner.

Meanwhile, to treat them properly and make them easy to comb, it uses nutritious products based on Argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil and linseed strictly pure and organic. Avoid olive oil: despite its many properties, it makes the hair too greasy, leaving an unsightly wet effect. The hair will lose volume and beauty. Do not spare yourself in conditioner, oil and softening masks and softeners. If you make extensive use of the straightener, iron to curl your hair and hair dryer at high temperatures, protect your hair from the risk of weakening. To prevent them from becoming defibrillated, especially in the tips, moisten your hair before normal washing and apply a walnut of conditioner on all lengths. Leave on for a few minutes. This will nourish the hair in depth and will make it easier to stylize without weighing down the hair. Then proceed with the normal shampoo. Post-wash treatment is also important. On the market you can find different spray or liquid solutions to be applied on the canopy for a perfect styling. These products not only soften the hair and regulate it, but also create real protective barriers against humidity and high temperatures of the hair dryer and plates.

To enhance thick hair, choose a good cut. Avoid short hairstyles, because the helmet or mushroom effect will soon be on the lookout. Instead, opt for graduated helmets, the medium cuts slipped on the lengths. The golden rule is not to create more volume but lighten the hair, creating an overall harmonious effect. In the runners, avoid scaling even on the top because it would originate additional volume, and that’s exactly what you have to prevent. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a shapeless and disorderly mass on your head. Finally, avoid the geometric and straight cuts, because they do not make particularly on thick and thick foliage.

1. Lighten the cut

There’s nothing like a scissor stroke in strategic points to regulate the volume of hair and facilitate styling in the morning. For this reason, avoid even cuts that reinforce the voluminous and heavy effect and instead prefer a scaled look, or even a hair removal to give a touch of lightness to the hair.

2. Nourishes the hair fibre well to soften it

To regulate the locks and combat frizz [Thick hair: how to get rid of frizz], focus on Nutri Serum by Jean Louis David. It’s a serum that nourishes the hair fiber and dominates even the most undisciplined locks. It eliminates frizz and regulates lengths. A must have to slip into your bag, especially on rainy or humid days.

3. Adequately dries hair

With a high temperature hair dryer, dry hair tends to swell. Then, after cleansing, dab the lengths in a microfibre towel or cotton shirt to absorb almost all the water encapsulated in the fiber. This way you can use your hair dryer at a low temperature.

4. Sleeping with tied hair

The loose hair gets tangled and becomes electric because it continues to rub against the pillow. Before going to bed, make a braid that collects the lengths: when you wake up you will have control of the untameable volume and the rebel locks.

5. Smooth lengths

This is the gesture of beauty that saves you from uncontrollable volume with a single pass with the smoothing plate. Afterwards, your thick hair will be easy to manage

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